dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Lee Negin Electronica/Dance / Psychedelic / Ambient

Lee Negin
Electronica/Dance / Psychedelic / Ambient
Members: Lee Negin-Composer/Multi Instrumentalist/Producer


I hope this finds all of you well and happy. To my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

First, I’d like to announce my new music video, “Mandala 1.” It’s the first in a series of collaborations I did with a cutting-edge fractal animation studio in London, ‘teamfresh.’ These animations are made using fractal geometry, which replicates the structure of nature. Very cool! “As above, so below.” A mandala is a tool used to focus and center the mind and spirit, and to induce meditative states. If you watch the video in HD, full screen with headphones or good speakers it will prove most beneficial! Enjoy the trip!


For news of the video


In other news, several of my ‘songs’ are getting international airplay and making various charts. My other videos are getting rave reviews on You Tube, and, with my international PR team, I am gearing up for the February, 2011 release of my next CD, “Hungry Ghosts.”

More info


Lastly, 2 weeks ago I was fortunate to be interviewed for one hour on the premier Internet radio station in California, LA Talk Radio. The show, “The Sheena Metal Experience” featured 2 of my songs, and an extensive interview covering my musical career, politics, etc. You can hear it at


Take care and be happy,

Lee Negin


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"Electro/Pop/Experimental/ Ambient.On the electro scene since the late 70’s producer kraftwerk/ talkheads style electro pop and experimental future sound of London/ orb style sounds and was around long before some of these artists, in fact he no doubt influenced them in some way. Now with the internet has been inundated with enquires about his work although pre internet he had releases on Passing Phase Records, which Nothing Goes Right was originally a b side on Wired for Sound release in 1981, which was played throughout the world and played by John Peel on Radio 1.From this year he will be releasing an album in the style of Nothing Goes Right and also an album with his ambient/ experimental work which will include Tranquil Abiding. " Paul Readman, DJ, Cool Music Revolution

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